Wednesday, November 17, 2021

How Ruby on Rails consulting helps Ecommerce Web Development


What do popular websites like 500px, AirBnB, Dribble, GoodReads, Groupon, Kickstarter, Themeforest, Scribd, Shopify or even Fiverr have in common? These websites range right from travel, photography & e-commerce to freelance work, document sharing & creative inspiration. So, what really is the common thread that connects these websites?  


Connecting these website coaches on their journey towards progress is Ruby on Rails rapid application development. Ruby on Rails has become an eye-candy for e-commerce website developers. The incredible rise in popularity of Ruby on Rails consulting, considered as one of the most versatile and intelligible frameworks, is for everyone to see. 


Giants like Amazon, NASA, IBM, JP Morgan & Yahoo have been making most of this technology.  Websites across different sectors have been using the Ruby on Rails framework. Companies of all shapes and sizes hire Ruby on Rails developers for dynamic web development needs.


“Rails is the best thought-out web development framework I’ve ever used. And that’s in a decade of doing web applications for a living. I’ve built my own frameworks, helped develop the Servlet API, and have created more than a few web servers from scratch. Nobody has done it like this before.”

– James Duncan Davidson, Creator of Tomcat and Ant

So What Makes Ruby on Rails an Ideal Choice for Ecommerce Website Development? 

Ruby on Rails ecommerce platforms come with a wide range of features, apart from Ruby on Rails upgrade services, RubyGems, and more.  Here’s why companies should build ecommerce platforms using Ruby on Rails.


  • Potential & Scope


The rise of e-commerce websites and its potential is humongous.  Such shopping portals need to be responsive, interactive and dynamic. Several dynamic web-based services functioning on Ruby on Rails are available that makes developing e-commerce websites easy and efficient.


  • Collaboration & Versatility


A strong, responsive & active development community is ceaselessly developing new programs for new APIs. It ensures a versatile toolkit for e-commerce website developers.


  • Easy to use


Ruby on Rails is a development tool which is easier to understand for beginners as well as professional developers. The pace of learning & development is quick as the code can be easily passed from one developer to another. This makes it very effective when multiple programmers work on developing big e-commerce websites. A custom software development company has developers that seamlessly build apps with Rails.


  • Response Time


Ruby on Rails is known for its fast, efficient & user-friendly tool for e-commerce application development. Right from the modeling stage to actual development, the process is very fast and helps in executing big or small projects with varying challenges.


  • Inexpensive


Ruby on Rails is a free toolkit running on Linux, another free operating system. It has the potential to seamlessly work with databases and web servers. The overall development cost is significantly trimmed without any effect on speed, security and performance. Reputed international e-commerce websites are built on Ruby on Rails. 


Spree: It is a visual treat at the front and a beast at the back with Ruby on Rails powering this popular website. Flexible, easy to use and loaded with features, Spree is a great e-commerce website that makes the most of Ruby on Rails. 


Shopify: With 150,000+ active users, Shopify allows the creation of a custom online store. Built on Ruby on Rails, the Shopify interface is simple, user-friendly and responsive, making it one of the most popular platforms. 


BigCommerce: This e-commerce marketplace offers an intuitive solution to begin an online store. Powered by Ruby on Rails, BigCommerce is juiced up with features, ease of maintenance & configuration. Ruby on Rails is preferred in e-commerce website development because of its simplicity, clarity, and ease-of-use. It is certainly helping e-commerce business rails get on the fast-track.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Is Ruby on Rails Dying in 2021?

In today’s application-oriented technological world, getting oneself educated about different software to build applications is a must. Ruby on Rails (ROR) is a web application development framework which is written in the programming language Ruby under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) license. It is an open source software which has created several applications like Cookpad, Shopify, Hulu etc. (Rails, n.d.). Rails application development services are used by these companies to create new solutions and manage their existing apps.

Why choose Ruby on Rails web development?

Ruby on rails works on the strategy which leads to fewer codes and fewer repetitions; it works on the convention over configuration principle. According to developers, ruby on rails web development is exciting as it uses fewer codes (Rails, n.d.).  The rails provide developers with increased productivity since it works on the hypothesis that there is the best way to do everything. When you hire Ruby on Rails developer, you will get 25% to 40% faster development. 

ROR works on the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle, thus reducing repetition of patterns. It has been considered as an opinionated platform. Developers prefer ROR for several reasons including ease of syntax, speed of development- approximately 30% to 40% higher.

Applications can be developed at a faster pace with Ruby on Rails web development due to its conciseness and a wide range of ready-to-use solutions, called gems (Poczwardowski, 2017). The ruby on rails community is constantly improving the code base; the talented developers are enterprising, looking for the latest functionalities to further refine the code base. This makes the ruby on rails platform ready with the latest and better codes to match the industry standards.

Why do companies hire Ruby on Rails developers?

Web development using ROR requires technical knowledge, skill, and experience. There are ruby or rails web development firms or you can hire a ruby or rails web developer. While choosing one of the options, it is important to evaluate their knowledge, ruby on rails certification, experience, license; in case of hiring a Ruby on Rails consulting company, look for a successful portfolio, transparent terms and conditions along with the formerly mentioned criteria.

Is Ruby on Rails dying in 2021?

Like any other software or web-development platform, ruby on rails has its weaknesses too. Flaws in ROR security have been found from time to time. An SQL injection which can be used by a hacker to disrupt the application is a threat to the security. Another weakness in the ruby on rails framework, although not to an extent to rule out its advantages, is its runtime speed; its runtime speed is slower as compared to some other frameworks like Django (Poczwardowski, 2017).

Performance has been a question too; however, the literate technical minds understand that the issue is with database architecture and dexterity of the engineering team. Since RoR is an opinionated platform, its standard functionalities may rebound when you have a unique mindset. In such cases ruby on rails may not suit your requirements. Developers must weigh the advantages over disadvantages considering the cost of application, speed of development, runtime speed and constant development in the ROR community. ROR, with fewer demerits than merits, is still developers’ first choice. Is it really fading?

Ruby on rails is one of the best web development frameworks available in the market; it is considered as an opinionated framework with a vibrant community of developers, the quality library of the code base, and ease of maintenance of the ruby on rails applications. You can hire Ruby on Rails developers from a software development agency for highly marketable products. Its speed and continuous improvement make it a highly competitive web development framework. Innovative web developers with uniqueness in mind may look for another web development platform.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Python Application Development for Sentiment Analysis Solutions

Sentiments have been with us ever since Eve was enticed by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit. Sentiments have driven us and our activities. Positive, negative, neutral or even mixed - each sentiment forms a core of our activities. 

Even in this digital era, sentiments of online users make or break brands, celebrities, businesses and even personalities of individuals. Understanding the feelings of online users, broadly referring to sentiment analysis, has become critical. And for this, a custom software development company can build a sentiment analysis solution. 

The Wikipedia Page Defines Sentiment Analysis As:

“It refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis, computational linguistics, and biometrics to systematically identify, extract, quantify, and study effective states and subjective information.”

In simple words, it refers to analysis of whether people generally like or dislike something. Also known as ‘opinion mining’, sentiment analysis is the process of knowing the emotional tone for any particular subject, by analyzing the usage of words, which help in understanding attitudes, opinions and emotions used within an online mention. A Python development company can create solutions for analyzing sentiments.

Why Sentiment Analysis is Critical?

In this day and age of world driven by social media networks, businesses rely really heavily on data and online reputations. Unstructured data comes from various sources like emails, chats, surveys, news articles, documents etc. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others pose serious challenges, not just because of the enormous data generated, but also because of the language used to express sentiments that range from stickers, emojis to memes & chat abbreviations. They also use Python mobile development to build applications for Smartphones.

Sentiment analysis is of critical importance for professionals from the fields of marketing, advertising, economics, political science and other related fields that bank on human-computer interaction. Businesses that make sense out of the data are able to get insights from unstructured data to find gems of patterns and relationships related to buyers. There are several online listening and monitoring tools used to do sentiment analysis. Each of the tools has a widely varying degree of performance. When it comes to sentiment analysis, accuracy is of incredible importance. A Python web development company offers solutions using these tools for sentiment analysis.

Consider this example: “I’m craving a Starbucks Cappuccino badly.” Most of the systems will interpret this above statement as negative for the brand due to the use of word bad. Contextual understanding by the system is where the difference lies.

Case Study: Twitter Sentiment Analysis

How Python Can Help In Sentiment Analysis?

The syntax and build of Python applications resemble object-oriented languages like C, C++ & Java. The beginning of python application development for sentiment analysis was a great obstacle. However, it has improved drastically over the years. It can be simply used for custom data analysis tasks that are synced with a web application. Python is a comprehensive programming language and is used by a Python development company in India as a great tool to execute algorithms. Python backed VADER (Valence Aware Dictionary and sentiment Reasoner). offers great advantages in sentiment analysis.

  • It’s a versatile tool to analyze social media type text while being readily applicable to work on multiple domains

  • It doesn’t require training data

  • Live streaming data can be easily analyzed

  • It is not affected by speed-performance tradeoff.

The critical aspect of VADER sentiment analysis is that it is an open-source implementation in python. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION Python Programming: Making Sense out of Sentiment Analysis

Thursday, October 28, 2021

How to Build Machine Learning Solutions with Python


Implementing Machine Learning with Python

In 2018, developers all around the world claimed that Python is the fastest growing programming language. According to a survey by Jetbrains, 69% of the developers use Python as their main language for machine learning. Due to its less complex behavior and ease of development, Python is rapidly stepping up the ladder in the tech world.

The coding simplicity and readability have led python to become the preferred choice of programmers. With the development of several modules like numpy, scipy & scikit-learn, among countless others, Python programming language has become the go-to language for developers when it comes to machine learning. A software development agency builds high-quality solutions in Python.

Leveraging Python for Machine Learning

In basic terms, machine learning refers to the ability of programs to learn by adapting to the environment. It is a form of Artificial Intelligence that portrays dynamic behavior when the dataset is changed. Due to Python’s easily understandable modules, developers prefer to implement machine learning with this language. The following points analyze how Python can be utilized for machine learning.

  • Understanding Python basics Having a basic understanding of python skills is enough to skyrocket your machine learning implementation. Installing a Python implementation like Anaconda can help you with both scientific computing & machine learning. There are several tutorials available that teach python like Google developers python course, for the beginners in machine learning.

  • Understanding data Machine learning involves experimenting with data. The developer must understand the dimensions, statistical attributes & breakdown of data according to the environment in which it will operate. Gaining a clear understanding of data sets will allow programmers to code software development solutions effectively.

  • Evaluating scientific python packages A wide array of open source modules & python packages are available for programmers to integrate with machine learning. Depending on the operation, they can select the best module from these packages. Scikit-learn (for data mining), Pandas(for data frames), and numpy (for N-dimensional array) are some widely popular packages.

  • Executing Python Using the Python application development and its standard machine learning library, the programmer can execute python. They also utilize iPython that gives an interactive environment to execute the language. Experimenting with different machine learning algorithms like k-means clustering and decision trees are a good step to kick-start your python journey.

  • Taking Advanced Steps To make machine learning effective, you can dive deeper into the python environment. Giving attention to support vector machines, kaggle titanic competition & dimensionality reduction will augment your foundational machine learning skills. At later stages, learning neural networks can dramatically increase your accomplishments in machine learning solutions.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Why Agile Development Teams Tend To Be More Productive?

 Agile development and productivity for teams

Here’s an interesting fact from a study conducted by PwC – Agile projects are 28% more successful as compared to the traditional projects. Integrating an agile approach to workflow is at the top of every project manager’s priority list. Agile adoption not only results in increased productivity but also leads to happier employees. While working under agile teams, a developer feels less pressure, a greater synergy of efforts, and adapts easily to the fast-paced work environment in a custom software development company.

But What Exactly Is The Agile Approach To Workflow?

Agile development teams that provide software development services adopt a collaborative approach to project completion by recognizing the importance of cross-functional efforts on a specific project. From developers to designers & testers, everyone in agile methodology carries out more tasks than their responsibilities. Focusing all the teams’ efforts on a single project allows the team to meet deadlines with the maximum output. Employees welcome the agile approach wholeheartedly because it reduces the work pressure from their shoulders and allows them to complete sequential tasks. In fact, 50% of team members are motivated more by the success of their team rather than organizational or personal success, which are 27% and 23%, respectively.

Why Agile Adoption Leads To Higher Productivity?

Under agile, software development teams that provide It consulting services aren’t overwhelmed by the varied components of a project. They work on a specific task, unlike the waterfall development method, and then move on to the next. Distributing project components & focusing on singular task completion results in achieving faster & better performance.

  • Improvement in quality The breakdown of the project into specific units leads to high-quality development, design & testing. Since the focus is largely on a single component, errors can be quickly fixed & the development team can make iterations with flexibility.

  • Early project delivery With agile, timelines can be estimated for each task of the project. This allows accuracy in meeting deadlines and sometimes, results in the early delivery of the project. If companies use SCRUM, they can utilize fixed sprints to predict the timelines and work efficiently resulting in meeting their deadlines.

  • A collaborative culture Agile developer teams work in unison to achieve a specific goal. This creates a culture of knowledge sharing & coordinated efforts. The SCRUM guide suggested no titles for team members & addressing everyone as developers. It frees every one of the specific responsibilities and stimulates them to adopt various roles for moving in a particular direction. Whether it’s Ruby on Rails consulting or Python development, collaboration is inevitable. 

  • Prioritize projects By knowing accurate timelines with the agile method, the team cannot ignore the task at hand. They will work with determination & prioritize the project completion because there are no long-term projects that distract the team by demanding focus on varied components.

  • Improved client satisfaction When the development team meets deadlines, delivers high-quality output & prioritizes the client’s needs, the result is utmost client satisfaction. The team focuses its efforts on creating a product that provides tremendous opportunities to the client in the market.

Thus, it’s not surprising that 71% of organizations sometimes, often or always use the agile approach to workflow management. Agile adoption ensures that the tasks become easier for the development team and the output becomes better for the clients. Measure your current productivity and give it a boost with agile development teams. Why Agile Development Teams Tend To Be More Productive?

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Top Enterprise App Development Trends Using Java in 2021

java software development company

In today’s times, who does not have a smartphone? Well! Maybe, just about a handful. And, even from amongst those handful, every day, there are those who are continuously giving up the resistance and becoming smartphone fans. It would be alright to say that smartphones are no longer merely phones, they can be compared to the call bell buttons that bring the assistants running to the caller.

This rising demand for mobile apps is responsible for new enterprise development trends that will majorly influence app development in the coming years. It must be kept in mind that what looks easy to us--- requires a lot of hard work and brain. Whether it’s Java application development or React native mobile development, the trends rise in every technology.

For these enterprise application development services come to fore. Enterprise application development services aim to build low cost and high performance enterprise applications.

What Do They Do?

These services help the customers in various everyday chores that include managing the content, managing workflow, managing documentation and business intelligence. Together with these, application development also involves modifications and upkeep of the existing apps. Java development services help to create such applications.

Life Made Easy with Java Enterprise Apps

Life surely is easy with apps. Whether it is a small shop or a big enterprise—all can make use of their customized apps. Say for example Java enterprise application development is specifically used by the developers to create apps for big enterprises. The key characteristics of Java enterprise application development is that it provides a pathway to secure app development and provides reduction in the intricacies of enterprise application. A Java software development company can help enterprises build interactive Java apps.

Likewise, enterprise application development can provide proper flow of communication within a company. Thus, the data required by the company of all its employees can be made available at one single place with custom enterprise application development.

Java Enterprise Apps to Watch Out for in 2021

Stringent Security As technology rises, so will the security threats. Until now several security issues have come up that have not just been related to stealing of data but also issues that have hindered a company’s enactment. Thus, now the focus will shift towards making the apps as secure as possible. Important files can no longer be stored in servers, where anyone can access them. The apps will become more stringent with security and will have enhanced user-friendly features.

Rapid Mobile App Development RMAD is a model that helps in developing high- quality products by prototyping and reusable software components. RMAD which is equivalent to RAD is faster and safer. Its code- free programming ensures that the enterprise users are able to build strong apps fast.

Citizen centric development Most of the present apps are complicated and difficult to use. Similarly, industries are loaded with complicated enterprise systems that are slow. Citizen centric development, also known as self- service development will make the industries self- sufficient and the reliance on IT will be limited to a large extent.

Connect with our custom software developers at BoTree Technologies and get a FREE CONSULTATION for all things custom.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

How to Choose an Offshore Development Company

Offshore Software Development

There are a huge number of outsourcing organizations giving programming and engineering assistance. Finding the best offshore software development partner can be a real challenge. 

There are a number of elements you need to consider prior to collaborating with an offshore software development company. Some of these include - 

Evaluate their experience 

Take a look at the experience of the offshore development team. You must look past their long hours of work. Your objective ought to be to take a glimpse at the exhibited portfolio - their case studies, site, applications built, and other things.

By looking at their experience, you can comprehend if they are an ideal choice for you. Recognize that they have worked in your industry, their product engineering approach, and their communication abilities. 

Experience informs a great deal concerning what the organization has done and how they work. It shows whether the offshore programming team has really accomplished what they say or not. 

Analyze the cost 

Prior to employing an organization for offshore application development, analyze and compare the cost of various organizations across the globe. 

The expense will likewise rely upon area to area. India is a main IT outsourcing destination and offers great talent for a minimal price. 

Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Poland are likewise financially savvy areas to recruit specialists in programming and development services. 

While a financial plan ought not be your essential concern, ensure that you get a fair price. Some of the time, offshore developers offer a type of assistance based on what the pricing is, so think about an organization after appropriate research. 

Understand cross-culture gaps

Communication and Collaboration are significant for offshore software development companies and their employers to work adequately. 

Be that as it may, cross-culture tasks might appear to be challenging. The arrangement is to commonly regard each other's way of operations and adjust the work style to accomplish the most extreme advantage. 

A decent offshore programming team will bridge the social gap however much as could be expected. It comprehends the significance of cooperating, so it will adjust its style of work depending on your organization's functional style. 

How would you Get an Offshore Development Team? 

As a rule, an offshore development company will give the best team to your web application development needs.

Organizations that are hoping to hire offshore engineers can accept interviews before they work together with the group. It will give an appropriate idea regarding who will fit perfectly at the project, their experience, and what they can accomplish. 

To get an offshore development team, organizations can get reference from their connections. It is a standout amongst other approaches to discover an organization. 

Then again, there are online portals today like Clutch, GoodFirms, Techreviewer, and more that give a complete profile of offshore development organizations. 

Online portals are liked by organizations today since they give reviews about the offshore company and their contact data. You can connect with them and evaluate what they offer. 


Outsourcing software development services is an astounding way for organizations to accomplish economies of scale while building sustainable software. 

Today, numerous nations that offer offshore advancement groups have designers who have studied in places like the US, Spain, Italy, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. They have the abilities to fill in as talented engineers at a truly moderate cost.