Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Is Voice Assistance The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce?

Hey, it’s Alexa! What would you like me to shop for you? 

Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google assistant, and Cortana can already your set alarm and reminders, play your favorite music, navigate you to a certain location, search restaurants, and ATMs etc. But will they revolutionize eCommerce too?


The growing popularity of virtual voice assistants cannot be overlooked. With technological advancements, they are reaching out to parts of life we never thought of and a lot of experts think we have yet just seen the tip of an iceberg.

Definitely use of Voice assistants is going to matter in eCommerce. Not only because they are convenient to use but they can offer a new world of personalized experiences. Let’s find it in detail.

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1. Gives a Personalized Experience to Customers 

Voice assistants are aimed to give a personalized experience to users for better engagement as consumers love brands that offer individual attention. Imagine yourself asking Alexa to order eggs on a grocery app or adding a few items in your wish list while you’re driving. It is convenient and yet personalized to use a voice assistant. Wouldn’t it be cool if a voice assistant could alert you when your favorite shoes are on sale or automatically order a gift for someone you like? It will be a clever idea to use voice assistants for products like groceries which are ordered people regularly.

People may use voice assistant because of two reasons.

  • Convenience; i.e. Ability to dot things hands-free.
  • Automation of daily tasks like buying groceries. 

The research found that 71% of customers who used voice assistant were satisfied and will rather use voice assistant rather than a website. A Google study states that around 40% of people between the age of 14 to 35 have already started using Voice assistant for queries prior to making any purchase. Younger people are more likely to use voice assistants compared to traditional search engines. 

2. Can Offer an Innovative Way to Market Products 

A new approach to use Voice assistants would be on the sales front instead of service front.

For example

Alexa: Hey Steve, Would you like to check out a new range of sports shoes?

While the typical use of Voice assistant is to offer a service, they might be used to target personalized ads to consumers. While approaching potential customers individually has been

Considered nuisance; use of voice assistant may help us to explore a whole new way of personalized marketing.

Predictive Personalization is a part of marketing strategy which will evolve with the advancement of voice assistants as the voice commerce market grows to $40 billion compared to $2 billion right now. Consumer base using Amazon Echo and Google home has hit 50 million and is expected to grow in double digits. Today most of the voice assistants use search engines to answer customer queries which may change in future as they might have their own database when enough users are enjoying voice assistants.

Any Ecommerce business not using Voice commerce may miss out a big portion of their sales if they don’t adapt to new customer preferences.

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