Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How to Overcome the 3 Major Python Development Challenges

Python development has gained much popularity because of its wide applications in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is covered as a fundamental programming language in academic courses. Today, Python has become an indispensable part of a company’s technology portfolio.

But as its popularity multiplied, so emerged the problems. It’s performance and project management issues are now widely identified by the Python development community. However, these issues are not significant problems but challenges that might take python applications a step back. It already faces stiff competition from languages like Go, Rust, Julia, and Nim.

3 Major Python Development Challenges and their Solution 

Python developers face 3 major challenges when it comes to development. These challenges create some significant problems that can set the development process aback. Here are the challenges and how to solve them:- 

1. Packaging and Executable

It’s been 30 years since python was launched. Even today, it is incapable of turning a program or script into a self-contained executable. Third-party tools offer the feature, but they are challenging to work with.

PyInstaller is the commonly used third-party tool to tackle this issue. However, python developers can still not create cross-platform packages with it. They still have to create packages for each platform separately. 

Instead of PyInstaller, developing python applications require something that can allow natively to create cross-platform packages. This packager will utilize runtime code coverage information to combine the necessary libraries at any time. Even though this is a conceptual solution, it is the one which is needed the most. PyOxidizer is a substitute that enables developers to develop standalone python applications.

2. Installation and Project Management

Installing Python for web development is a challenge in itself. The development environment is too complicated. Installing with a directory structure, monitoring different packages and dependencies, redistributing source, etc. is a long sequence of steps.

Python installation and management have become complicated over the years. Python developers need to do package management, virtual environment creation, meta manage, and develop project packages and dependencies. Several other components are required to define the project. 

One solution is a tool that can integrate all these complicated steps and create a simple, sequential environment for development. Python development services are getting popular, and management issues are nothing but obstacles to entry. Build dependencies are integrated into pyproject.toml. Tools like poetry are also coming closer to integrate all the management steps in a simple, combined sequence.

3. Speed and Multithreading

Python software development’s primary challenge is its performance speed and multi-threading constraints. Focusing on simplicity in programming, python doesn’t pay attention to runtime speed. C, C++ offers dynamic libraries to execute similar tasks of python at a rapid pace. 

Python development is also incapable of utilizing multiple cores and processors. Its threading capabilities can only be used by a single core. Even the synchronisation of subprocesses in python is also a tough task.

There is no perfect remedy for improving Python’s performance. However, several initiatives are undertaken to improve its speed. Some of them include CPython’s internal functionality improvement, CPython’s sub interpreter functionality improvement, and working on object processing. Refactoring Python’s internal C APIs will enable developers to drastically gain on runtime and execution speed.

Building a python application requires developers to working around these three major challenges. Since python’s demand is increasing day-by-day, it is essential that adequate solutions for these problems must be created. But till then, how do you build a good application? Hire a leading python development company like BoTree Technologies and build world-class python applications. Get your FREE QUOTE.

With increasing popularity, python development also has some challenges that can hinder development. Reach out to learn more about the web development agency in New York for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

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