Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How to Overcome the 3 Major Python Development Challenges

Python development has gained much popularity because of its wide applications in artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is covered as a fundamental programming language in academic courses. Today, Python has become an indispensable part of a company’s technology portfolio.

But as its popularity multiplied, so emerged the problems. It’s performance and project management issues are now widely identified by the Python development community. However, these issues are not significant problems but challenges that might take python applications a step back. It already faces stiff competition from languages like Go, Rust, Julia, and Nim.

3 Major Python Development Challenges and their Solution 

Python developers face 3 major challenges when it comes to development. These challenges create some significant problems that can set the development process aback. Here are the challenges and how to solve them:- 

1. Packaging and Executable

It’s been 30 years since python was launched. Even today, it is incapable of turning a program or script into a self-contained executable. Third-party tools offer the feature, but they are challenging to work with.

PyInstaller is the commonly used third-party tool to tackle this issue. However, python developers can still not create cross-platform packages with it. They still have to create packages for each platform separately. 

Instead of PyInstaller, developing python applications require something that can allow natively to create cross-platform packages. This packager will utilize runtime code coverage information to combine the necessary libraries at any time. Even though this is a conceptual solution, it is the one which is needed the most. PyOxidizer is a substitute that enables developers to develop standalone python applications.

2. Installation and Project Management

Installing Python for web development is a challenge in itself. The development environment is too complicated. Installing with a directory structure, monitoring different packages and dependencies, redistributing source, etc. is a long sequence of steps.

Python installation and management have become complicated over the years. Python developers need to do package management, virtual environment creation, meta manage, and develop project packages and dependencies. Several other components are required to define the project. 

One solution is a tool that can integrate all these complicated steps and create a simple, sequential environment for development. Python development services are getting popular, and management issues are nothing but obstacles to entry. Build dependencies are integrated into pyproject.toml. Tools like poetry are also coming closer to integrate all the management steps in a simple, combined sequence.

3. Speed and Multithreading

Python software development’s primary challenge is its performance speed and multi-threading constraints. Focusing on simplicity in programming, python doesn’t pay attention to runtime speed. C, C++ offers dynamic libraries to execute similar tasks of python at a rapid pace. 

Python development is also incapable of utilizing multiple cores and processors. Its threading capabilities can only be used by a single core. Even the synchronisation of subprocesses in python is also a tough task.

There is no perfect remedy for improving Python’s performance. However, several initiatives are undertaken to improve its speed. Some of them include CPython’s internal functionality improvement, CPython’s sub interpreter functionality improvement, and working on object processing. Refactoring Python’s internal C APIs will enable developers to drastically gain on runtime and execution speed.

Building a python application requires developers to working around these three major challenges. Since python’s demand is increasing day-by-day, it is essential that adequate solutions for these problems must be created. But till then, how do you build a good application? Hire a leading python development company like BoTree Technologies and build world-class python applications. Get your FREE QUOTE.

With increasing popularity, python development also has some challenges that can hinder development. Reach out to learn more about the web development agency in New York for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Services are transforming the Financial Industry

Artificial intelligence solutions are transforming the financial industry. Here are the 5 ways it has impacted the world of finance with its innovative approach.

When John McCarthy coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1956, he couldn’t have imagined its impact. AI is increasingly gaining importance in the technical budget of small to large enterprises. The reason is simple - Companies have a huge amount of data and they need intelligent machines to make sense of it. Artificial intelligence and robotics help in determining patterns from this data. These patterns offer insights that help companies to better target their customers. 

AI has evolved rapidly over the past few years. It has marked its presence in an array of industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare app development company. The financial industry also isn’t untouched by its effects. AI has transformed it in ways that no one could have imagined. Reach out to learn more about the website development companies in New York for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

Artificial Intelligence programming for the Financial Industry

The world of finance is filled with data. An artificial intelligence system can analyze millions of data sets quickly and provide valuable financial insights. It can help in predicting future patterns from the financial data and help investors in making informed decisions. 

1. Risk Management

The financial industry revolves around data and AI has been learning from data since its inception. If we talk about credit cards and loans, they are given to individuals who have a good credit score. However, it isn’t a realistic metric to determine who is a good customer. There is a high amount of risk involved in repayment even if people have a good credit score.

AI systems can analyze the data and provide an accurate history of the customers. They can quickly scan through their repayment behavior, number of loans, number of credit cards, etc. It will provide an insight into whether a customer should be deemed as a trustworthy party or not. 

2. Security Management

Financial institutions are serious about fraud management and security risks involved with loans. ai solutions analyze the spending behavior and different transaction records to identify oddities on a person’s card. It keeps a note of regular transactions and raises a red flag if a transaction doesn’t match the regular behavior.

Artificial intelligence systems continuously learn from their surrounding data. They can adapt to financial data scanning quickly and then determine whether fraud is real or not.

3. AI Advisory

Robo advisors offer a major advantage when it comes to investments - they don’t charge a commission. They can combine their intelligence and algorithm for making complex calculations and provide different investment options to the investors. Artificial intelligence solutions will balance the decision-making process for investors with their insights based on data.

4. Stock Trading

The stock market is the most unpredictable of all financial institutions. Predicting future patterns is essential for maximising returns. With the help of artificial intelligence and robots, a huge amount of data can be processed in a short while. They can understand past data and predict how the market will work in the future.

AI can also be taught to observe and predict anomalies in the data. This will help in identifying triggers that might lead to economic collapses, like the 2008 recession. AI can help investors to make the right buying and selling decisions and reduce their risk of falling short even when the market crashes.

5. Financial Management

Artificial intelligence solutions can help us easily manage our finances. AI can keep track of our spending habits and make smart decisions based on our budget. They can be connected with mobile wallets to get a proper record and help you figure your expenses. Financial management will become easier once AI systems automatically take the right decision whether you should spend here or not.

Artificial intelligence has a long way to go in the financial industry. Making financial processes easier for customers is the main objective of AI. It offers long-term cost-cutting and benefits all the stakeholders involved. BoTree Technologies is a leading IT solutions provider offering artificial intelligence solutions in New York to maximise the efficiency of your financial organization. Contact us today for top-notch AI products.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

5 Influencer Marketing Tools for Creating a Winning Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing has proved to be a powerful online marketing tool for brands all over the world. It enabled brands to earn 11x ROI on their influencer marketing efforts as compared to traditional digital marketing channels.

With social media app development solutions being accessible by nearly 1/3rd of the world’s population, influencers on these channels play a major role in shaping up their choice. 

While 2017 was a golden year for influencer marketing, it continues to capture a significant portion of the online marketing portfolio. In fact, 69% of marketers plan to spend the most money on Instagram influencer marketing this year.

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Tools To Accelerate Your Influence Marketing Efforts 

Influencer marketing can be a real hassle if the brands don’t know where to start. Similarly, for influencers, they won’t be able to pitch their services to brands if they are not sure where to find them. Influencer marketing platform and tools come in handy to save brands the time to manually look for influencers and find the right ones to target their niche. 

●  Upfluence

One of the widely utilized influencer marketing platforms, Upfluence helps brands in finding and reaching the right influencer, managing them and evaluating the overall campaign. It allows brands to search for influencers based on their target niche. Once you have analyzed your influencers, you can send them emails about the campaign. The platform also enables you to measure the performance using analytics and see which influencer has been engaging.

●  Hypr

With a database of 10 million influencers, Hypr is one of the biggest influencer marketing tools available online. It offers 4 packages including Standard, Pro, Platinum, and Enterprise. It provides access to contact information along with a demographic of followers and the influencers can be searched using a long range of keywords. Once analyzed, brands can track influencers to select the ones that meet their requirements.

●  Buzzsumo

One of the leading content platforms also enables to accelerate your influencer marketing efforts. Brands can search for influencers based on different filters and demographics. One major feature is that brands can also search for the type of influencers including bloggers, journalists, etc. They can also check the statistics of the influencers including their domain authority, twitter followers, recently shared content, etc. You can also make a list of influencers that you’d like to work with.

●  GroupHigh

It offers influencer research and outreach platform to brands. It has a huge database of 15 million bloggers in which brands can search using different filters based on their target audience and campaign. You can also import existing connections with influencers to GroupHigh using a .csv spreadsheet. Brands can also search for influencers based on each campaign need. For bigger campaigns, they can search for celebrity influencers while for short campaigns, they can select a micro-influencer.

●  TapInfluence

TapInfluence is one of the most hyped influencer marketing platforms present today. It enables influencer discovery, outreach, analytics, and campaign management. It has one the most robust search interface with filters for every minor demographic detail. It has a comprehensive campaign management dashboard where brands can track the progress of the influencer campaign.

These were 5 of the widely popular influencer marketing tools that have enabled brands to maximize their influencer marketing potential. Today, influencers are needed more than ever by brands as people buy products that are recommended by trusted sources.

BoTree Technologies  is a leading web application development company that can assist you in your influencer marketing efforts by developing top-notch influencer marketing solutions. Contact us today!

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How Robotic Process Automation Services Support Digital Enterprises

The emphasis on digital transformation has led enterprises to venture into smart technologies that can enhance their capabilities. robotic process automation (rpa) services are one such pack of technology that helps enterprises multiply their technical potential. 

It enables organizations to reduce human effort in mundane tasks and create an environment where human resources can be engaged in more productive and creative tasks. 

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However, digital organizations confuse RPA with just a piece of technology that completes repetitive tasks. In truth, robotic process automation is a highly customized software that facilitates a diverse range of tasks for the digital enterprise.

By integrating RPA with AI and chatbots, companies can aggregate, monitor and manipulate data for handling repetitive and predictive tasks. It minimizes the cost and increases the accuracy in the completion of tasks within a short frame of time. 

Robotic Process Automation Services for the Digital Enterprise

Robotic process automation can be deployed across a variety of the digital enterprise’s departments. From supporting the IT infrastructure to enable better procurement process, the benefits of robotic process automation can be experienced at every phase of the organization’s operations. The use cases of RPA are distinct and vary across a range of industries. 

A simple example would be implementing RPA in the invoicing process for the enterprise. When a client undertakes the software services of a digital enterprise, the payment until a specific limit can be auto-authorized by a BOT.

This eliminates the time-consuming task of sending the invoice to the human personnel, then receiving approval, and authorizing the payment. It is a repetitive task since hundreds of invoice will be generated and the BOT can easily simplify this complex process without any human involvement. Reach out to learn more about the New York website development company for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

  • Once robotic process automation solutions are implemented in the organizational system, the result delivery becomes accurate. BOTs can calculate effectively and deliver the right result at the right time in their first attempt. They leave nearly no margin for error as they work on a pre-determined set of instructions which make them accurate workers.
  • Since RPA makes service delivery accurate, there is little to no variation in the outputs. It helps in maintaining consistency since the processes are identical and are being repeated every time. BOTs can operate 24x7, making the organization’s services more effectively to their clients.
  • Robotic process automation services enable human resources to focus on more productive, stimulating and creative tasks that require critical thinking. By delegating mundane and repetitive tasks to BOTs, employees can enhance their decision-making abilities by getting more time to evaluate their choices. It provides them with extra time to provide additional value to the organization.

Robotic process automation services have revolutionized the way digital enterprises work. Organizations have now switched to these software BOTs that can easily and quickly complete repeatable tasks without any involvement of human personnel. RPA magnifies the entire infrastructure of the digital enterprise by providing a helping hand in developing applications. An automation strategy, thus, plays a crucial role in providing a competitive edge to any digital enterprise in this technology-driven world.

Robotic process automation solutions have transformed the operations of digital enterprises. Building web applications has now become easier with the help of BOTs that can automate repetitive tasks and enable developers to focus on more critical activities.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Beyond Just Costs, Outsourcing Puts Your Nose Ahead in The Race to The Top!

The Best Places to Outsource Web Development Give You a Great Competitive Edge

Ever thought why outsource web development? Here are 5 strategic reasons to outsource, excluding costs, and how it can help you stay ahead from competitors.

In IT industry, companies that report growth and profit year after year are very rare. Many of them use capability sourcing in far more innovative ways than what their competitor does. Many people ask why outsource web development for just cost reduction?

The answer is that outsourcing has far more benefits than just minimizing costs. The best places to outsource web development give your business a new cutting edge in market.

The answer to why outsource web development also lies in the 5 strategic capabilities that we have listed below, which outline the reasons that outsourcing have greater benefits than just reducing costs.

outsource web development

1) Capitalize on Global Talent

In emerging markets, there can be a dearth of talent and skills needed to perform at an international level. This can hamper and stunt any company’s growth and plans to go big. Several reputed companies have formed research and development centers in countries like India to not only receive cost-effective solutions but also get access to the rich and diverse talent pool, which holds the reputation of delivering an increasing number of US patents. Reach out to learn more about the web development companies New York for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

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2) Form Strategic Partnerships

When one outsources web app development services, one also looks to capture the value and reduce risks. Several companies have formed extensive and formidable sourcing relationships. Companies eye their outsourcing alliances as strategic partners who are comprehensively knitted in their domestic operations or overseas subsidiaries. The risk of maintaining quality is a challenge, which can be overcome by addressing potential problems as and when they occur. Such alliances help the company tackle global issues and keep them afloat above the competitors.

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3) Exploit New Local Market Opportunities

As countries grow and markets develop, several visionary companies feel the need of tapping it before the competitor. They look to establish their setup before anyone else and that’s why they outsource services and develop offshore teams.

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4) To Reach Market & Escalate Innovation

For companies to survive in the cut-throat competition, it is imperative for them to continuously innovate and bring new products or services for their customers. Staying ahead of competition is key to survival and innovation plays a key role in it. Companies have reportedly increased their sales and overall revenue after bringing in new innovative products or services in their offering. Outsourcing companies have talent pool which can help drive innovation for any company.

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5) Disrupt Traditional Business Models

Markets are changing at rapid pace and companies are looking to alter their conventional business models. Several international companies have reportedly given up on manufacturing or production services to only look after branding and marketing. They have outsourced the hassles of production and focus only on reaching out to markets. This not only helps in cost reduction but also helps in strengthening the position in the market with razor sharp focus.

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Why Use React Native for iOS?

React Native is a framework made by Facebook that enables you to create native versatile applications for iOS with a solitary JavaScript codebase.

This bodes well, given that the extent of the JavaScript/web audience is a lot greater than native designers and undeniably more open to creating applications utilizing JavaScript. For react native development it opens another innovative space to work, anyway for native designers it furnishes an approach to work with various devices on a similar issue. Taking into account that most react native developers with a couple of years on the stage will be OK with the Xcode suites of instruments, prescribing a change this extreme is an intense move.

React native development utilizes React.js library so as to make a genuine naive portable application.

React Native

Reasons React Native Development should be used for iOS


React native app development empowers a single JavaScript codebase for 2 unique stages. This implies it not only is less demanding to keep up the application by having a similar development process for the two stages and reusing a similar code but however it also requires fewer assets, on the grounds that there is no requirement for separate iOS and Android teams.

In any case, this advantage comes with a price. It is outstanding that Android and iOS have distinctive structure rules. The best react native developers should compose stage-specific code, which invalidates the point of the single codebase. This may be a greater issue with regards to iOS since Apple regularly updates and censures their developments which can be difficult to pursue.

The Programming Language 

React native development depends on React.js, which is written in JavaScript. This is a noteworthy favorable position with regards to the way that JavaScript is such a broad and mainstream language that it's extremely difficult to find react native developers who haven't utilized it sooner or later in their career.

Hot Reloading and Live Reloading 

Even the best react native developers who have worked in XCode or Eclipse/Android Studio realizes how monotonous the lead time can be. This can particularly be baffling in the event that you are chipping away at an element which is a few screens away from the launch screen. This makes even insignificant tasks, for example, changing a view color or changing a name message very tedious.

Indeed, even without utilizing hot reloading, application lead time is altogether quicker utilizing react native development than on native iOS and Android, and live reloading instrument can be utilized to naturally reload the application each time the code is changed, without building it physically each and every time.

User Interface 

React native app development in ways deals with organizing UI is Flexbox, which is as of now exceptionally mainstream in web development and empowers the developer to make a responsive web or versatile UI very effectively. In that capacity, it is an innovation which equals Android's XML/Constraint format approach, or iOS's Storyboard/XIB/Coding with UI libraries, for example, Neon approach.

Reach out to learn more about the software development companies New York for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Is Voice Assistance The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce?

Hey, it’s Alexa! What would you like me to shop for you? 

Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google assistant, and Cortana can already your set alarm and reminders, play your favorite music, navigate you to a certain location, search restaurants, and ATMs etc. But will they revolutionize eCommerce too?


The growing popularity of virtual voice assistants cannot be overlooked. With technological advancements, they are reaching out to parts of life we never thought of and a lot of experts think we have yet just seen the tip of an iceberg.

Definitely use of Voice assistants is going to matter in eCommerce. Not only because they are convenient to use but they can offer a new world of personalized experiences. Let’s find it in detail.

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1. Gives a Personalized Experience to Customers 

Voice assistants are aimed to give a personalized experience to users for better engagement as consumers love brands that offer individual attention. Imagine yourself asking Alexa to order eggs on a grocery app or adding a few items in your wish list while you’re driving. It is convenient and yet personalized to use a voice assistant. Wouldn’t it be cool if a voice assistant could alert you when your favorite shoes are on sale or automatically order a gift for someone you like? It will be a clever idea to use voice assistants for products like groceries which are ordered people regularly.

People may use voice assistant because of two reasons.

  • Convenience; i.e. Ability to dot things hands-free.
  • Automation of daily tasks like buying groceries. 

The research found that 71% of customers who used voice assistant were satisfied and will rather use voice assistant rather than a website. A Google study states that around 40% of people between the age of 14 to 35 have already started using Voice assistant for queries prior to making any purchase. Younger people are more likely to use voice assistants compared to traditional search engines. 

2. Can Offer an Innovative Way to Market Products 

A new approach to use Voice assistants would be on the sales front instead of service front.

For example

Alexa: Hey Steve, Would you like to check out a new range of sports shoes?

While the typical use of Voice assistant is to offer a service, they might be used to target personalized ads to consumers. While approaching potential customers individually has been

Considered nuisance; use of voice assistant may help us to explore a whole new way of personalized marketing.

Predictive Personalization is a part of marketing strategy which will evolve with the advancement of voice assistants as the voice commerce market grows to $40 billion compared to $2 billion right now. Consumer base using Amazon Echo and Google home has hit 50 million and is expected to grow in double digits. Today most of the voice assistants use search engines to answer customer queries which may change in future as they might have their own database when enough users are enjoying voice assistants.

Any Ecommerce business not using Voice commerce may miss out a big portion of their sales if they don’t adapt to new customer preferences.

Reach out to learn more about the best web development company in USA for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Guide to Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging technological practice for streamlining business operations and cost reduction. Robotic process automation deploys “software bots” over existing IT infrastructure to automate enterprise tasks. It allows you to create custom robotic process automation solutions that:
  • Slash operational costs
  • Reduce operational risk
  • Scale with your organization
  • Accelerate data processing
  • Save time on tedious manual tasks

robotic process automation

RPA implementation can be done through workforce consulting, and an amalgamation of technology and change management. BoTree Technologies has incorporated robotic process automation services into its repertoire for various clients. If you’re looking to hire a robotic process automation developer, BoTree Technologies is the place for you.

Robotic Process Automation Benefits

  1. Reduced costs: By automating tasks, companies can achieve almost 30% cost savings over the output of productivity. Software robots also fee less than a full-time employee.
  2. Existing IT systems remain intact: One of the biggest advantages of using robotic process automation software is that it does not require replacing the existing systems. Instead, RPA can power your existing systems, the same way a human employee can.
  3. Improved internal processes: In order to leverage Artificial Intelligence(AI) and robotic process automation (RPA), companies are enforced to define clear governance procedures. This, in turn, allows for faster onboarding, internal reporting, and other organizational activities.
  4. Lower operational risk: By eliminating errors due to manual work and other hindrances such as tiredness or lack of knowledge, robotic process automation programming reduces the probability of mistakes thereby lowering operational risk.
  5. Better customer experience: Deploying robotic process automation programming frees up valuable resources to be put back on the front line and focus more on customer success.

Tips for Effective RPA Implementation

1. Set Realistic Expectations

Remember that RPA is a tool, not the tool. Robotic process automation programming should not be considered to be the ‘go-to’ solution for every business problem; it is only one of the several options available and should form part of a broader strategy on the use of technology.

2. Check the Business Impact

RPA is used to get a better return on investment or to reduce costs. For example, chatbots work as a virtual agent and swiftly responds to customer queries. You don’t have to worry about sick leaves, bad behavior from employees. Thus, before you opt for robotic process automation solutions check its potential and impact on your business.

3. Maintain Communication with the IT Department

Liaison with IT department should be a continuous process as at various points throughout the delivery of robotic process automation (RPA), IT colleagues can provide tangible support to limit any operational impacts.

4. Choose the Correct Process for Automation

RPA is most effective when processes are repetitive, standardized and high volume, where human judgment is not required. It becomes more challenging where processes need frequent human intervention to complete.

Consult for Robotic Process Automation Services