Tuesday, July 16, 2019

5 Influencer Marketing Tools for Creating a Winning Influencer Strategy

Influencer marketing has proved to be a powerful online marketing tool for brands all over the world. It enabled brands to earn 11x ROI on their influencer marketing efforts as compared to traditional digital marketing channels.

With social media app development solutions being accessible by nearly 1/3rd of the world’s population, influencers on these channels play a major role in shaping up their choice. 

While 2017 was a golden year for influencer marketing, it continues to capture a significant portion of the online marketing portfolio. In fact, 69% of marketers plan to spend the most money on Instagram influencer marketing this year.

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Tools To Accelerate Your Influence Marketing Efforts 

Influencer marketing can be a real hassle if the brands don’t know where to start. Similarly, for influencers, they won’t be able to pitch their services to brands if they are not sure where to find them. Influencer marketing platform and tools come in handy to save brands the time to manually look for influencers and find the right ones to target their niche. 

●  Upfluence

One of the widely utilized influencer marketing platforms, Upfluence helps brands in finding and reaching the right influencer, managing them and evaluating the overall campaign. It allows brands to search for influencers based on their target niche. Once you have analyzed your influencers, you can send them emails about the campaign. The platform also enables you to measure the performance using analytics and see which influencer has been engaging.

●  Hypr

With a database of 10 million influencers, Hypr is one of the biggest influencer marketing tools available online. It offers 4 packages including Standard, Pro, Platinum, and Enterprise. It provides access to contact information along with a demographic of followers and the influencers can be searched using a long range of keywords. Once analyzed, brands can track influencers to select the ones that meet their requirements.

●  Buzzsumo

One of the leading content platforms also enables to accelerate your influencer marketing efforts. Brands can search for influencers based on different filters and demographics. One major feature is that brands can also search for the type of influencers including bloggers, journalists, etc. They can also check the statistics of the influencers including their domain authority, twitter followers, recently shared content, etc. You can also make a list of influencers that you’d like to work with.

●  GroupHigh

It offers influencer research and outreach platform to brands. It has a huge database of 15 million bloggers in which brands can search using different filters based on their target audience and campaign. You can also import existing connections with influencers to GroupHigh using a .csv spreadsheet. Brands can also search for influencers based on each campaign need. For bigger campaigns, they can search for celebrity influencers while for short campaigns, they can select a micro-influencer.

●  TapInfluence

TapInfluence is one of the most hyped influencer marketing platforms present today. It enables influencer discovery, outreach, analytics, and campaign management. It has one the most robust search interface with filters for every minor demographic detail. It has a comprehensive campaign management dashboard where brands can track the progress of the influencer campaign.

These were 5 of the widely popular influencer marketing tools that have enabled brands to maximize their influencer marketing potential. Today, influencers are needed more than ever by brands as people buy products that are recommended by trusted sources.

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